Discover your dream vacation home. Rent an Emotional Escapes luxury villa and encounter an entirely new way to travel. Visit Big Ben, take in a show in London’s West End, enjoy a cooking class in Provence, tour a Chateauneuf du Pape vineyard, discover the lavender harvest in the Luberon, the possibilities are endless. At the end of each day you will find yourself in your very own short-term dream home to fully enjoy a stress-free vacation. Should you desire an intimate meal cooked in your apartment or villa by a private chef, an in-home spa treatment, a walking tour, a yoga session, a cooking class or a language lesson, Emotional Escapes, will find you the perfect  luxury service provider to complete your holiday experience.

Emotional Escapes’ portfolio of Luxury rental properties has been amassed over 12 years  in France and the UK  with most discerning clients in mind. The company relies on local managers at each of our destinations to seek out the best properties for our clients and to ensure that or current portfolio of properties are being maintained at the highest standards. We corner the market on offering an unprecedented selection of quality rental properties in the most beautiful destinations in Europe.  Our local specialists work together to pool regional knowledge, offering expertise on a global scale. Emotional Escapes is a pioneer in this new generation of luxury vacation rental services. Whether you choose Provence, the Dordogne, London or Scotland, we strive to ensure that Emotional Escape clients can experience a vacation not possible in traditional hotels. Just relax, indulge, enjoy, breathe and let us do the rest.





Timothy Dunn, founder of Emotional Escapes.


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